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Details Happy-Feet-DVD-ROM

Basierend auf dem Warner Brother Filmhighlight HAPPY FEET veröffentlicht Midway Games das Computerspiel!Während die meisten Pinguine ganz exzellente Sänger sind und ihre weiblichen Auserwählten mit einem netten Liebeslied bezirzen, muss der kleine ...

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Details PARTY-DISCOUNT-Damen-Kostm-Meerjungfrau-Nixe-3-teilig-Gr-40

100 % Polyester - Grundpreis: 1 Stück = 39,99 EUR - Plitsch Platsch? mit diesem sexy Meerjungfrau-Kostüm werden sie auch ohne viel Gesang die Herren der Schöpfung auf jeder Karnevals-Party bezirzen. Ob lang ob kurz - durch die Bänder an der Seite ...

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Details Citizenship-in-a-Global-World-Comparing-Citizenship-Rights-for-Aliens-Migration-Diasporas-and-Citizenship

Citizenship in a Global World This text presents a comparative analysis of residential, social, economic and political rights for aliens. It covers research on Japan as well as on the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New ...

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Details Citizenship-Through-Secondary-History-Citizenship-in-Secondary-Schools

Citizenship Through Secondary History This work shows how the content and the pedagogy of the secondary history curriculum can contribute to the teaching of citizenship in schools. It also examines how the proposed content of the curriculum for ...

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Details Semi-Citizenship-in-Democratic-Politics

Semi-citizenship in Democratic Politics This book introduces the concept of semi-citizenship into debates about people who hold some but not all elements of citizenship. Full description

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Details Practices-of-Global-Citizenship

The Practices of Global Citizenship What is global citizenship, exactly? Are we all global citizens? The author provides a detailed and vivid account of how the term global citizenship has been interpreted and communicated. He includes numerous ...

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Details Social-Movements-and-Sexual-Citizenship-in-Southern-Europe-Citizenship-Gender-and-Diversity

This book explores the relationship between social movements, sexual citizenship and change in the context of Southern Europe. Providing a comparative analysis about LGBT issues in Italy, Spain and Portugal, it discusses how activism can generate ...

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Details Beyond-Citizenship-American-Identity-After-Globalization

Beyond Citizenship American identity has always been capacious as a concept but narrow in its application. Citizenship has mostly been about being here, either through birth or residence. The territorial premises for citizenship have worked to resolve ...

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Details Civic-Virtues-Rights-Citizenship-and-Republican-Liberalism-Oxford-Political-Theory


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Details Citizenship-in-Britain-Values-Participation-and-Democracy

Citizenship in Britain A sophisticated discussion of the concept of citizenship and the consequences of a lack of civic engagement. Full description

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Details Risk-and-Citizenship-Key-Issues-in-Welfare

Risk and Citizenship This spirited and informed collection of papers by leading analysts addresses key questions related to welfare, citizenship and risk. Full description

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Details Living-Together-as-Equals-The-Demands-of-Citizenship

Traditional understandings of citizenship are facing a number of challenges. Ideas of cosmopolitan and environmental citizenship have emerged in the light of concerns about global inequality and climate change, whilst new models of multicultural ...

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Details Negotiating-Citizenship-Migrant-Women-in-Canada-and-the-Global-System

Negotiating Citizenship This title explores the growing inequalities associated with nation-based citizenship from the perspective of migrant women workers who have made their way from impoverished Third World countries to work in Canada in the ...

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Details Being-Fair-Citizenship

Books in this series introduce children to the character values that embody citizenship. In 'Being Fair, ' children view various situations that demonstrate the importance of being fair. Playful, engaging illustrations are used to reinforce students ...

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Details Democracy-Education-and-Multiculturalism-Dilemmas-of-Citizenship-in-a-Global-World

This important book looks at developments that are changing our understanding of the role of education in citizenship and the possibilities of democratic participation. The chapters cover theories of citizenship and education and the transition from ...

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Details Immigration-and-Citizenship-in-the-Twenty-First-Century-True-Faith-and-Allegiance

Immigration and Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century This text explores three related issues: the Immigration and Naturalization Services's historic review of its citizenship evaluation; proposals to alter the oath of allegiance and the laws ...

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Details Bonds-of-Citizenship-Law-and-the-Labors-of-Emancipation-America-and-the-Long-19th-Century

Bonds of Citizenship Illuminates the historical tensions between the legal paradigms of citizenship and contract, and in the emergence of free labour ideology in American culture Full description

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Details International-Migration-and-Citizenship-Today

International Migration and Citizenship Today International migration has emerged as one of the world's most controversial and pressing issues. This textbook offers an understanding of the complex economic, political, cultural, and moral concerns that ...

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Details Citizenship-and-Education-in-Liberal-Democratic-Societies-Teaching-for-Cosmopolitan-Values-and-Collective-Identities

Citizenship and Education in Liberal-Democratic Societies Presented by political, legal, and educational theorists, this book contains essays, which re-examine the requirements of citizenship education in liberal-democratic societies. The chapters in ...

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Details Citizenship-in-a-Fragile-World-Studies-in-Social-Political-and-Legal-Philosophy

Citizenship in a Fragile World This work sets out to expose the flaws in standard communitarian and liberal democratic theory, focusing on the works of Charles Taylor, John Rawls, and Jurgen Habermas. It articulates a concept of "complex citizenship" ...

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Details Militant-Citizenship-Rhetorical-Strategies-of-the-National-Womans-Party-1913-1920-Presidential-Rhetoric-Series-Band-21

Militant Citizenship In "Militant Citizenship: Rhetorical Strategies of the National Woman's Party, 1913-1920," Belinda A. Stillion Southard explores the ways in which the militant NWP negotiated institutional opposition and secured such a prominent ...